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Le dernier livre de Murielle !
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Mme Korngold

Kathie me remercie de la réception de mon livre « Montessori aux USA » dans lequel je rends hommage au travail de sa maman :

« My Dear Murielle,

Happy New Year!
Thank you very much for the beautiful copy of your book! Congratulations!
I was delighted to see Mom and Dad mentioned…..
Mom started the Center for Montessori Education in NY.
It was :
– the first to offer an AMS Infant and Toddler Montessori Credential,
– the first to offer an AMS Administration Credential,
– the first to offer an 9-12 stand alone curriculum for an AMS credential,
– and the first to offer an 6-12 integrated curriculum!
At one time, CMTE was the largest AMS training program in the United States, with 18 additional locations.
Mom and Beverley McGhee worked closely in the early years on the board of AMS. Mom was President, and also was Living Legacy.
Her influence was wide and deep. I believe she insprited many to take Montessori training, open their own schools, and contribute to the community of Montessorians…
Merci à tous ces inspirateurs dévoués au partage de cette belle philosophie. Jour après jour de plus en plus d’enfants y ont accès, même s’il sont encore si peu nombreux !